Weddings continue to feature as one of life’s most definitive events.  Every individual has the opportunity to make a lifelong commitment to their chosen life partner and to declare publicly their love and solemn promises, surrounded by their family and friends, in a way that suits perfectly their personalities and lifestyles.

It takes around ten minutes to register a marriage.  Once the legalities have been completed, then you are free to celebrate your marriage with the wedding ceremony of your dreams.  This means you can have your ceremony on any day of the week, at any time, and in any location you choose (no need for a licensed venue).  Anything you can imagine is possible and most importantly it is your choice how you want your big day to be celebrated and remembered for years to come.  Such a unique moment in your life deserves the proper recognition.

After all… it’s your life… it’s your day…it’s what you want to say…your way!

sand-ceremony-bride-groomYou can decide to keep strictly to convention, or perhaps incorporate something a little less conventional, or throw caution to the winds and create a totally non-conventional ceremony. You can let your imagination run riot – a beach ceremony under a gazebo at sunset, a vintage picnic ceremony in the woods, a favourite restaurant booked for the entire day and evening, a ‘green’ wedding ceremony in a country barn, maybe a themed wedding – ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, ‘Lord of the Rings’, ‘Star Trek’ or simply a big tent in your back garden.

Your Big Day should reflect who you are.  Your ceremony and the words you want to express to the one you love, in the company of your family and friends, should be as unique as you are.  It’s your story and you should have the opportunity to tell it your own way.  What are you waiting for?

Contact Your Life Ceremonies to begin planning the wedding ceremony of your life!  A presentation folder containing a certificate and the words of your ceremony will be presented to you as a keepsake, to help you recall your very special day.weddings-groom-fasting