welcomings and namingsA new addition to your family is a huge event!  Life is going to change in unimaginable and exciting ways, whether it is the birth of your child, the creation of a newly blended family or an adoption.

Ceremonies are great occasions to tie the bonds of families ever tighter, and a welcoming ceremony focuses attention on the significance for the new family member of their importance and place within the family group.

Consider what a gift it is to have a new addition to the family.  There are so many benefits to having a special ceremony to mark this new beginning for the family.

  • It announces the life of the new addition as a gift to the whole family
  • It celebrates that this is a ‘welcome’ change to the family dynamic
  • By incorporating a naming, it recognises the importance of identity and proper place of the new addition within the family group
  • It gives family members the opportunity to acknowledge their responsibilities to help and support the new member as they develop within the family
  • It allows the whole family to build and renew, the ties of kinship
  • You can hold the ceremony in whatever location you choose, on a day and time to suit your family

It’s all about your wishes, your dreams and your promises to your little bundle of joy!Welcomings in hampshire

Start planning your ‘Welcome to our Family’ celebration now.

Contact Your Life Ceremonies who can help you design a unique and personal ceremony to remember this significant day in the life of your family.  A presentation folder containing a certificate and the words of your ceremony will be yours to keep as a permanent record of your family’s celebration.